Foreign Rights: Aida Nur by Sussi Bech



aida-nur-bande-dessinee-foreign-rightsCairo 1922. With a handful of friends, the belly dancer Aida Nur locates an old Egyptian tomb. Through her contacts, she tries for an easy escape from poverty by selling its antique treasures on the black market. But the news of the intact vault attracts all kinds of greedy types without scruples – from the nightclub owner Mohassib to the Earl of Carnivore. A period crime novel. Ages 9 and up.

Le Caire 1922. En compagnie d’une poignée d’amis, la danseuse du ventre Aida Nour découvre un tombeau égyptien. À travers ses contacts, elle essaie de vendre les trésors antiques sur le marché noir, mais les nouvelles d’un tombeau intact attirent toutes sortes de convoitises – depuis Mohassib le gérant de la boîte de nuit jusqu’au Comte de Cnarvorn. Un polar d’époque en deux tomes. À partir de 9 ans.

Technical specifications

2 books in total
48 pages each, colours, hardback & softcover
220 x 295 cm


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sussi-bechAbout Sussi Bech

A 1983 graduate from the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen, Sussi Bech is an award-winning cartoonist living in Denmark. Her most popular graphic novel is Nofret – 12 albums so far – which stars a young Egyptian girl in the land of the Pharoahs and combines her adventures with historically accurate depictions of ancient Egypt. Sussi Bech has won several awards for her work.