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Nofret by Sussi Bech


<< Back Nofret Mainstream Comics Genre(s): Action and adventure, comics for girls, historical fiction, humor Target: All ages, 9 years and up Format(s): 13 volumes, 48 pages or 5 intégrales, 144 pages, 235 x 315 mm Contact: rights@eudor.dk One of the greatest graphic novel successes in Scandinavia, Sussi Bech’s series tells the exploits and travels […]

Foreign Rights: Comics and children’s books

Welcome. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Download our Foreign Rights catalogue. Contact: Forlaget Eudor Att: Frank Madsen Brandts Vænge 11 DK-3460 Birkerød Denmark E-mail: rights@eudor.dk Please click on a title below for more information about that particular series. Danish Art Foundation: Translation Fund Government grants for translation fees upon publication can be […]