Foreign rights > Snus Mus by Frank Madsen, Sussi Bech

Snus Mus detektivhistorier for børn Data

4 books, 32 pages each
24,5 x 24,5 cm
Ages 4 and up


Snus Mus is the world’s greatest detective. At least that’s what he thinks of himself and so does Bente, his devoted secretary. Together they solve great mysteries that often have a simple, natural explanation.

Rights sold to: Denmark, Chile

Frank Madsen Danish Comics Foreign RightsFrank Madsen

A creator of children’s books and graphic novels – notably the adventures of Kurt Dunder – Frank Madsen is an award-winning cartoonist and three times Best Danish Comics Author nominée. Author of the weekly satirical cartoon Eks Libris since 2010.
Frank has also written the popular picture books for children Snus Mus about a mouse detective, with illustrations by Sussi Bech. The books were published in Chile in 2018 and more are in production.


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