Ørsted. He Electrified The World

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1 book
80 pages (63 comics pages + 12 page illustrated appendix)
23.0 x 31.5, hardcover
Published in Danish and English
Ages 13 and up


One spring day in 1820, during a lecture, the Danish physicist Hans Christian Ørsted allowed a current from a battery to pass through a platinum wire that lay across a compass – and the compass needle moved! Ørsted had thereby demonstrated the link between electricity and magnetism.
Hans Christian Ørsted is one of Denmark’s greatest natural scientists, and this comic book is being published to mark the 200th anniversary of his discovery of electromagnetism. But Ørsted was also one of the leading cultural figures of the Danish Golden Age and lived in a dramatic time for Denmark. This is the story of his life.

»Ørsted« outsells the competition

With more than 5,500 copies sold so far, »Ørsted. He electrified the world« is the best selling comic from 2020 produced by Danish authors. A 6th printing has just been ordered.

New book in preparation for 2022

The team behind »Ørsted« is now working on a new book related to the history of Physics. The comic book will see publication in Winter 2022/23.

Sussi Bech Danish Comics Foreign RightsSussi Bech

A 1983 graduate from the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen, Sussi Bech is an award-winning cartoonist living in Denmark. Her most popular graphic novel is Nofret – 13 volumes so far – which stars a young Egyptian girl in the land of the pharaohs and combines her adventures with historically accurate depictions of ancient Egypt. Sussi Bech has won several awards for her work.


Ingo Milton Danish Comics Foreign RightsIngo Milton

Graduate from Design School Kolding.
Founding member of Gimle Studio in Copenhagen 1980.
Since 2006 he has collaborated with national museums using comics to visualise the lives of people who went before us: Iron age tribes in East Jutland, Saints from Jacques de Compostella to Santa Claus, Seamen in the Caribbean, crusaders, carpenters and scientists alike.
This work earned him the Hanne Hansen award in 2014.


Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen Danish Comics Foreign RightsJens Olaf Pepke Pedersen

Born in 1958. He holds a PhD in physics and is a senior researcher at the Danish National Space Institute, where he conducts research into climate change. He has previously worked at the universities of Aarhus and Copenhagen, the CERN research centre in Geneva and several US universities.


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