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13 books
48-56 pages each
23.0 x 31.5 (hardcover) or 22.0 x 29.5 cm (softcover)
Published in Danish, Swedish, French, Dutch, Indonesian.
Ages 9 years and up


One of the greatest graphic novel successes in Scandinavia, Sussi Bech’s series tells the exploits and travels of a girl in the Egypt of the pharaohs. During the reign of Akhenaten, Nofret must free herself from slavery in Babylon, survive as a dancer, fight against the pirates of the Aegean Sea and intrigue as a temple priestess.

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A 1983 graduate from the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen, Sussi Bech is an award-winning cartoonist living in Denmark. Her most popular graphic novel is Nofret – 14 volumes in total – which stars a young Egyptian girl in the land of the pharaohs and combines her adventures with historically accurate depictions of ancient Egypt. Sussi Bech has won several awards for her work.


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Action & Adventure — Comics for Girls —  Historical Fiction

Book 1: Escape from Babylon
48 pages

Nofret and her sister Kiya are Minoan princesses. One day they are abducted by pirates and sold as slaves in Lebanon. Nofret is bought by an ugly, Babylonian merchant, but escapes to Egypt with a young man only to be let down again. She now has to work as a dancer and is forced by her manager to steal from the guests.

Book 2: The Consort of Amun
48 pages

Nofret gets a new job feeding the holy goats of Amun. She is determined to work her way up through the hierarchy when she meets her sister Kiya, who is now the second wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten. But Kiya is conspiring with the Amun priests against Pharaoh.

Book 3: The Heretic King’s Court
48 pages

Kiya and the Amun priests are staging a coup d’etat against Pharaoh Akhenaten in order to put Kiya’s son, Tutankhamun, on the throne and restore Egypt’s old gods to former glory. But the coup goes horribly wrong and Nofret saves her sister from Pharaoh’s revenge.

Book: The Last Minos
56 pages

Nofret and her boyfriend Nedjem returns to Minoan Crete, where Nofret claims the regency only to find out, that Minoan Crete is menaced by the Myceneans of mainland Greece – and a volcanic eruption at nearby Santorini. Nofret tries in vain to save the Minoan civilisation.

Book 5: The Journey to Hattusas
48 pages

Nofret flees Crete and is washed up on the shore of Minor Asia. She meets a young man traveling with his two guardians. They carry a mysterious parcel, he is determined to deliver to the King of the mighty Hittite Empire. Soon Nofret finds out what’s in the parcel.

Book 6: The Secret Treaty
48 pages

Nofret arrives at Byblos with two Hittite envoys who are on a mission to negotiate a secret treaty with the local King, who is an ally of Egypt but open to new offers. Nofret sells her knowledge to the Egyptian general Horemheb but soon finds herself in trouble.

Book 7: Death on Board
48 pages

When General Horemheb hears that Nofret was once consecrated to Amun as the God’s Consort, he puts her on a boat to Egypt. But the captain smuggles weapons to Egypt’s enemies and on the way back to Egypt several people die. Nofret manages to flee with the gold but is tricked by her old adversary, the high priest Khaemwese.

Book 8: The Grave Robbers
48 pages

Nofret meets a new boyfriend, Senep, who is nominally a fisherman but also a grave robber. One day he is caught and Nofret has to find a way to get him free. She decides to steal a little gold from the closed Temple of Amun but is caught by Khaemwese.

Book 9: Avenger of the Night
48 pages

Nofret and Senep sail upwards on the Nile to Pharaoh Akhenaten’s new capital. Here Nofret is reunited with her sister Kiya, who lives isolated in a palace far from Pharaoh’s court, where Queen Nefertiti and her father Ay are plotting to red rid of Kiya once and for all.

Book 10: Kiya
48 pages

Kiya is dead and when Pharaoh Akhenaten summons for his second wife, Nofret is forced to play the role of her dead sister. Akhenaten is fooled but Nefertete and Ay sense foul play. In the end, her nephew Tutankhamun saves Nofret’s life, when her true identity is revealed.

Book 11: Ambush in the Temple Lake
48 pages

Nofret flees from Akhenaten’s wrath, cuts her hair and hides in Memphis disguised as a fisherman boy. The locals are still loyal to the old Egyptian gods and soon Nofret finds herself at the centre of a great uprising against Pharaoh. Amidst the turmoil, Senep dies.

Book 12: Prisoner of the Nile
56 pages

Nofret is held prisoner on general Ay’s big royal boat that lies burned-out in the middle of the Nile outside Memphis. Nofret succeeds in sowing the seeds of doubt in Ay’s mind: Is Pharaoh about to lose the civil war and should Ay stage a coup before it’s too late?

Nofret Nefriti by Sussi Bech - mainstream comics

Book 13: Tutankhamun
72 pages

Ay returns to his army with Nofret as his prisoner and Pharaoh Akhenaten’s authority quickly crumbles. To save the dynasty, Akhenaten persuades Nofret—the only one he dares trust now—to flee down the Nile with the young crown prince Tutankhamun to seek refuge with General Horemheb before Egypt is overtaken by Ay. A fierce chase begins.