Niels Bohr – Quantum Leap in Copenhagen

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1 book
140 pages
26,0 x 18,4 cm, hardcover
Published in Danish
Ages 15 and up


The remarkable story about the Danish physicist Niels Bohr and the development of quantum physics in the first half of the 20th century. The 140-page graphic novel invites us into the innocent time of the 1920s, where Niels Bohr became a unifying father figure for an entire generation of physicists from around the world.

Niels Bohr broke down the hierarchies at his new institute: He encouraged his students to contribute ideas on par with the professors. In neutral Denmark, a special anti-authoritarian tradition developed, where world-famous physicists like Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Einstein, and Dirac roamed familiarly in Østerbro during the Interwar period, discussing and exchanging ideas.

During WWII, Niels Bohr and his family escaped to Sweden, and from there Niels Bohr and his son Aage travelled to USA, where they were enrolled in the top-secret Manhattan Project at Los Alamos.

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Debut in 1986 with The Studio (Atelieret), short satirical comics about a group of frustrated young artists. In 1990, 50 years after the German occupation, Roland, Morten Hesseldahl and Henrik Rehr made five volumes of Denmark Occupied (Danmark Besat), each covering one year of the occupation. Since then Niels has concentrated on daily and weekly comics for Danish newspapers, in recent years mainly Weekendavisen.


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