Foreign Rights: Comics and children’s books

Foreign Rights Catalogue: Click to download (PDF)

Welcome to the Foreign Rights Area. Please download our foreign rights catalogue (PDF) and feel free to browse through the reading samples and translations of our titles below. We are looking forward to your reading copy requests and your questions and queries:

Herzlich willkommen im Rights Area des Eudor Verlags. Wir freuen uns, von Ihnen zu hören:

Pour toute information concernant les droits de traduction de nos ouvrages, merci de contacter:

Forlaget EUDOR
Att: Frank Madsen
Brandts Vænge 11
DK-3460 Birkerød

Phone: +45 45829545
Phone: +45 30704714



12 books published. More in production.

  • Télécharger Nofret tome 9, “Vengeur de la Nuit”, pp. 2-10 (PDF en francais).
  • Demander la traduction complète en français de Nofret tome 9, “Vengeur de la Nuit”.
  • Download 6 pages from Nofret book 10, “Kiya” (PDF in English).
  • Request complete translation in English of Nofret book 10, “Kiya”.

Foreign-rights-Aida-Nur-by-Sussi-BechAida Nur

2 books. Aida Nur is a night club dancer in Cairo, 1922. When she discovers a hidden tomb, all sorts of people want to share her secret:

  • Download 8 pages from Aida Nur book 1 (PDF in English).
  • Request complete translation in English of Aida Nur book 1.

Foreign-rights-Kurt-Dunder-by-Frank-MadsenThe Exploits of Kurt Dunder

4 books published.

  • Download Kurt Dunder in Africa pages 1-8 (PDF in English).
  • Télécharger Kurt Dunder en Afrique pp. 1-8 (PDF en francais).
  • Request complete translation in English, French or German of Kurt Dunder in Africa.

Foreign-rights-Eks-Libris-by-Frank-Madsen-Sussi-BechEx Libris

6 books containing more than 300 strips published. Weekly comic strip since 2009, a harsh satire on the literary world:

  • Télécharger “Le Salon Litteraire” (PDF en francais).
  • Download Ex Libris sample (PDF in English).

Foreign-rights-Kitty-with-the-big-balls-matou-mausekater-grossen-klickernKitty with the Big Balls

2 books published. Fun hostess gift books for your cat loving friends:

Foreign-rights-picturebook-soeren-boehmaend-bogeymanSean and the Bogeymen

Children’s Book for ages 4-8 years old:

  • Download 8 pages from Sean and the Bogeymen (PDF in Danish).
  • Request complete translation in English of Sean and the Bogeymen.


Foreign-rights-snus-mus-Sniff-MouseSniff Mouse

Children’s Books about the world’s greatest mouse detective for ages 3-8 years old:

  • Download 13 pages from “Sniff Mouse and the Moon Thief” (PDF in Danish).
  • Download 13 pages from “Sniff Mouse and the Caterpillar that Disappeared” (PDF in Danish).
  • Request more information about the Sniff Mouse books.

(Note that the Sniff Mouse foreign rights are handled by Forlaget Bolden, ms. Ulrikke Juul Bondo)

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